Monday, 4 February 2013


My Mum came to see me this weekend so I decided to take her to Nottingham seeing as she's never been, for a shopping trip. When I go shopping my boyfriend despises going into the cheap shops so it's always good to go with my Mum as we like grabbing ourselves a good bargain!

I took advantage of the 99p Store and Poundland as our Poundlands' (yes Lincoln has just about 2 of everything!) don't seem to stock as much good stuff as the ones in other cities. I nabbed myself these bargains:

A pack of 60 paper doilies of varying sizes, pot pouri, fake flowers, a 2 pack of fancy scissors. The first three are from 99p Store, the latter from Poundland. I also bought a roll of adhesive window shield to put on the front door. £1 is a serious bargain for that stuff as the cheapest I've seen it prior to this is £5 in Wilkinsons or from Ebay/Amazon. 

We also went to Primark. We managed to get to the train station just as the train had pulled off, and seeing as transport in Lincoln is dire, decided to go into Lincoln centre Primark to grab some gloves for my cold handies as I'd forgotten to pick them up when we left the house. Of course we then visited the larger one in Nottingham too. 

Blue bra £3, Knickers £1, Socks (mens) £1
(The bra is actually a mega gorgeous blue, phone camera is rubbish!)
These were too cute not to get!!! Heart was only £1.50 and is a really good size. Fox cushion was only £6!! They're also doing the owls too. I know Primark like to rip off other brands but I don't even care. £6 is an amazing deal and they're both of good quality too.
This dress is stunning!! A lovely damask print, cotton feeling skater dress. It's only a size 8 sadly so I hope to God it fits!! We went on a real mission to find more of these, even roping in 3 shop assistants to help but this was the only one after scouring high and low. They reckon it's new stock though... Also the cardi is a lovely blue/grey colour. Both me and my Mum fell in love with it so both had to have it! Was reduced to £7 down from £14 in the Lincoln store but still full price in Nottingham.

What do you think of my purchases?x


  1. so cute! love this post :) <3 <3

  2. Oh wow that dress is gorge. Loveeeee the print

  3. Lovely post! I need an owl cushion in my life! I am developing such as obsession for owls.... I did a wishlist recently of urban outfitters stuff and I included an owl cushion like that! But if primark is doing them I want it cheeaaapp! Check out on my blog, I'd really appreciate it? :-) :) X

  4. Loving this such lovely things! I NEED that fox cushion I simply love foxes hehe Ab fab blog I'm def a new follower, here's mine if you fancy a peek: